Bespoke atelier for young artists and designers that we encourage to create their own universe, conceived as a unifying platform and an exclusive meeting point for a new wave of crafts.


IN SITU 01 18:00 31°C
Elissa Lacoste & Francesco Decio
IN SITU 01 18:00 31°C
During the Grand Hall exhibition by Stephane Barbier Bouvet 'Design as we speak' at Zaventem Ateliers by Lionel Jadot. Elissa Lacoste and Francesco Decio will each show their latest work created at Hands-on and instinctive, Elissa Lacoste (FR)’s work stems from her quest for the wild, the inexplicable and the sensorial within contemporary boundaries. Unconventionally textured and vibrant, her sculptural pieces linger between the real and the surreal while maintaining a hint of functionality. In her work, she evokes an otherness to reflect upon our relationship to our physical environment, be it anthropogenic or natural. Decio (IT) shows 'Cotta' , his unseen and undiscovered body of work. Decio studio’s ideal is to create a corner of a fantastic reality, an atmosphere both alien and familiar. Think of a surreal place where organic, scifi and industrial will mix. Like architectural spaces with a timeless feeling where neutral colors and natural textures meet with mysterious and welcoming shapes. A new-era nature both earthy and rational comes to life. is a residency concept for supporting and promoting emerging designers at the experimental extreme of the collectible design and functional art market. Founded by collector and gallerist Boris Devis focuses on supporting designers who are making radical, research-driven pieces as well as artists who are creating more functional work. These makers are part of an emerging genre described as “functional art”. runs a unique workshop and residency program that acts as a cultivator for new artists and designers, giving them a foundation to create unique, limited-edition pieces for the gallery. Designers are given access to 200-square-metres of fully equipped workshop space at Zaventem Ateliers – a new creative hive outside the centre of Brussels with more than 30 studios. They are also provided with accommodation in’ artists’ apartment at 299 Avenue Van Volxem, which can host up to six creators at a time while they work on new pieces and exhibitions.
Elissa Lacoste & Francesco Decio
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Elissa Lacoste

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Francesco Decio

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Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs

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Anna Aagaard Jensen

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Schimmel & Schweikle

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