A Basic Instinct


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A Basic Instinct

A Basic Instinct 15:28:28PM 21°C
Anna Aagaard Jensen 1990 The Netherlands
A Basic Instinct 15:28:28PM 21°C
In our contemporary society and throughout history our behaviour has been dictated by social norms. Through these norms we sculpt our body to an appropriate behaviour as seen in the eyes of our culture. Whereas men has the tendency to take as much space as needed in the public domain, women tend to live up to a strict line of societal norms and restrictions given to us by our context and culture. ‘A Basic Instinct’ aims to facilitate a more provocative, empowering and confronting attitude in the body language of todays women. The chairs physically re-sculps the female body and her way of sitting, in order to give the women more confidence in a more outspoken body posture and create a body language that makes women occupy more space in the public domain. The chairs can only be used by women and is not only confronting by their looks, but when women sit in them they will quickly realise that what they are basically forcing one to do, is to confidently lean back, spread their legs and claim space!
Anna Aagaard Jensen 1990 The Netherlands
Anna Aagaard Jensen, citizen of Denmark born in 1990, based in the Netherlands as a conceptual designer who questions everyday life and speculates about our future. Connecting research of human behaviour, pop culture, history and gender into paths that pose alternatives to contemporary society.
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