Bespoke atelier for young artists and designers that we encourage to create their own universe, conceived as a unifying platform and an exclusive meeting point for a new wave of crafts.


Alcova 09:00 24°C
Alcova 07.04.2019 Milano
Alcova 09:00 24°C
Alcova is an experimental prototype for an itinerant cultural institution in development by Space Caviar and Studio Vedèt. Currently operating as a roving platform for art and design across multiple sites in and around Milan, it activates forgotten locations and spaces of historical significance, temporarily recasting them as venues for performative activities. During Fuorisalone 2019 Alcova will occupy two sites, both of which will be open to visitors for the duration of Design Week. Both will be intensely programmed for the event's duration with performances, exhibitions, talks, screenings and installations involving over a dozen partners from as many countries. Alcova is located in the former panettone factory of Giovanni Cova & Co., north of Loreto, an ex-industrial space partly taken over by plants and vegetation, frozen in a state of poetic semi-abandonment.
Alcova 07.04.2019 Milano
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21.06.2019 31°C


08.06.2019 21°C

Elissa Lacoste

05.06.2019 19°C

Francesco Decio

01.06.2019 °C

Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs

07.04.2019 24°C


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31.03.2019 20°C

Anna Aagaard Jensen

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Schimmel & Schweikle

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