Anna Aagaard Jensen


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Anna Aagaard Jensen

Anna Aagaard Jensen 07:00 20°C
Anna Aagaard Jensen 1990 The Netherlands
Anna Aagaard Jensen 07:00 20°C
The formal meeting in the public square. Formal meetings during Salone del mobile 2019. An invitation to a very formal meeting, staged as it would be in an opposite reflection of the world. Completely turned up side down, disrupted from its rigid structure - questioning power, gender and the role of discrimination within this context. In today’s contemporary society still, only 17% of board members are women. Even though it has increased of approx 1.5% over the last decade, the seats on boards in big companies are still occupied by men - confined within old rigid structures and notions about women in power and their fragility. The formal meeting space consists of 5 chairs; exclusively for women, these women are the main characters. The 5 chairs represent an uneven number - suggesting one is missing. The one missing chair is the one that represents the percentage of women embodied in boards in today’s society. The chairs are based on the project ‘A Basic Instinct’, forcing women to claim more space in public through a posture that comes natural to the opposite sex; confidently leaning back, legs wide apart, and not worrying about what everybody else might think. ONLY WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO SIT ON THE CHAIRS
Anna Aagaard Jensen 1990 The Netherlands
Anna Aagaard Jensen, citizen of Denmark born in 1990, based in the Netherlands as a conceptual designer who questions everyday life and speculates about our future. Connecting research of human behaviour, pop culture, history and gender into paths that pose alternatives to contemporary society.
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