Carlo Lorenzetti


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Carlo Lorenzetti

Carlo Lorenzetti 09:30:00PM 6°C
Carlo Lorenzetti
Carlo Lorenzetti 09:30:00PM 6°C
‘All my objects start from an experience that I try to facilitate, like the co-existence of the familiar and the uncanny in an object - an interaction which is not logical for the most common functional design,’ Lorenzetti explains. He has carried out this core theme in various projects. For instance, in Omnipotence of Thought, a vessel with an even more ambiguous, abstract form, that still functions as a vessel, almost like a body extension meant to carry and pour water. Another manifestation of Lorenzetti’s research of user experience and interaction is USB Charger, a project that the designer realised after he started participating in exhibitions with Dutch Invertuals, a collective funded and curated by Wendy Plomp to offer designers a platform to make new experimental projects under a common theme. For Power Play, an exhibition in 2016 about the future of energy, Lorenzetti reflected on how we take energy for granted. Taking the example of our relationship with cell- phones, he came up with a charger that gives the user the perspective of how much energy is in their cellphone. In fact, to make it function and charge the phone, you have to spin the piece’s wheel for two or three hours. It is not so much about the functionality of the object, but rather more about having you re-experience it, with a new perspective.
Carlo Lorenzetti
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