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Bespoke atelier for young artists and designers that we encourage to create their own universe, conceived as a unifying platform and an exclusive meeting point for a new wave of crafts.

Schimmel & Schweikle

Schimmel & Schweikle 16:45:00 7°C
Schimmel & Schweikle
Schimmel & Schweikle 16:45:00 7°C
Schimmel & Schweikle is an ongoing collaboration between Janne Schimmel and Moreno Schweikle. Their work revolves around the nexus of technology, art and culture. In that realm Schimmel & Schweikle focus on developing concepts that deal with the closing gap of the digital and physical realm. In their latest ´CrossFit´ collection they use 3d modeling software to unite opposite forms of expression into non confirmatory objects. The strict lines of the modern-style furniture that the pieces are based on is emphasized by a shiny, lacquer-like finish achieved by coating the pieces in car paint, while the blob-like upholstery additions are finished in a soft artificial fur. Each piece is the result of a digital modelling experiment, which the designers have translated into a real object. The two chairs in Schimmel & Schweikle’s CrossFit series combine archetypal, minimalist furniture designs with organic shapes, “morphing” them together to create new forms. Resulting in a dualistic form of expression that challenges the need for an uncontaminated narrative.The third piece in the collection features a standard desktop computer combined with green, fur pillows, and is intended to sit on the floor of a living room. The way the computer has become so intertwined with our lives cannot be ignored. That’s why the ´CrossFit Computer´ pulls itself from the dark desk corners where it usually lives and gives itself the more prominent role it deserves in our households. In a way it is a token to the design mythology of the designers who always aims to investigate the role the digital world plays in our everyday lives. A new addition to their ´Return To Default´ collection is also presented. ´Return To Default´ focuses on the archetypal chairs that are found in the office, with each design manipulated in 3D software to create stretched, expanded or multiplied forms. They show a new version of an oversized conference chair, one with a lamp integrated into its body at an unusual angle, reflecting some of the ideas developed in the CrossFit pieces. The chair is coated in a leathery finish.
Schimmel & Schweikle
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