Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs


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Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs

Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs °C
Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs °C
Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs are an on-going series of various colourful faux stone volumes, that are extracted and carved from a gigantic polyether foam bloc. Touche–touche is a freshly born collaboration resulting from the collision of artists Carolin Gieszner and Théo Demans. Both have been showing their scenographic installations in renowned contemporary art institutions such as the Haus Der Kunst Munich, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht Now, they are bringing the fictitious scenarios they’ve developed within their immersive environments to the realm of daily objects. Their craft of soft stone creation draws from stage arts, situating the objects as props of a non written play or movie. With their rudimentary tools and relentless efforts they carry out a raw process that confronts the softness of the material. The foam cube is cut, burned, ripped and retouched a multiple of times. Ultimately the very present effort and handwork employed is preserved by a high endurance rubber coating. This pigmented layer of urethan is applied variously - first in sparkle with guns, then marbled with the fingers and finally, applied by hand covering the full volume. These actions reveal a manifold of contrasted forms, energetic textures and mystical shades that shake the realities they’ll travel to.
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Sub-Antic Crackossian Empire Slabs

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